Home Inspector
Doug had volunteered for the fire department since he was 14 years old because his father was a volunteer as well. Doug and Clatterbuck Home Inspections founder Greg Clatterbuck worked together in the fire department. Doug was the captain and Greg was his driver. They spent a lot of time together when traveling for classes for the fire department.  After Doug found out about Clatterbuck Home Inspections by hearing about it from friends and family who were clients. He got interested in the industry and took all the classes to get certified and began working. 
Doug knows all the members of the Clatterbuck Home Inspections team from his time at the fire department. He loves working with Greg, Brad and John. They have a lot of fun together doing team inspections and team meetings. Doug is a very active person, he likes to be outside and he likes to challenge his brain.  He likes communicating his findings with clients as well. He prides himself in being impartial when it comes to communicating findings. He understands that his job is not to convince the client of anything, but to convey the issues found with a pondered mind. Both the fire department and the home inspection industry allow for these things. He also loves looking at things from different perspectives which allows him to learn new ways of thinking. Being able to apply things he learned in the fire department to his current job is something that he is grateful for because it allows him to further expand these acquired skills. He enjoys being organized and having a process of going over what is in the home, he also appreciates the older houses because he likes the architecture of them.

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