Well System Inspections

Well System Inspections

We will visually inspect the well equipment, including the condition of the wellhead, pressure tank, electronic controls, and gauges.  We will also do a visual check on all pipes, filters, and valves. During the well water testing or inspection in Virginia we will keep watch for common problems that can cause health issues, such as a rusted pressure tank rusted pipe,  or cloudy water in the pipes.

What Happens During A Well System Inspection?

During our certified well water testing services in Fredericksburg,  Stafford, Charlottesville, Warrenton, VA, and all over Virginia we examine the physical and working condition of each element connected to your well system. A flow test will also be performed to determine the well system output. We will test the water pressures before, during, and after pumping, average delivery rate (gallons per minute), pump motor performance (check amperage, grounding, and line voltage), pressure tank delivery, and pressure switch contacts.

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Clatterbuck Home Inspections partnered with WelGard is the Warranty You Can Count On

There’s a lot to love about living in a place where you get water from your own supply; it’s pure and natural. If you own a home with a residential water well – or are thinking about buying one –you may already know how great it is to be free from municipal water systems. But with more freedom come more responsibility. Residential wells are mechanical systems. Don’t be on your own, We can be your partner

If you can find someone to make a FAST repair, how much will it cost?

Top Risks Function Likely? Cost*
Dry well Water source Lower $10k – $50k
Pump Water to house High $2k -$7k
Pressure Tank Pressure at faucet High $1k-$3k
Varying Pressure Consistent pressure High $2k-$5k
Piping Water to house Lower $1k -$10k
Wiring/electrical Pump function Moderate $1k – $2k
Water quality Test for safety Moderate Subj to results

About WelGard®

  • WelGard® is the best well warranty on Planet Earth!
  • Covers the well system from the bottom of the well to the Pressure Tank. If your well goes dry, we’ll drill a new well.
  • One call gets immediate response, trusted service partners and ZERO out of pocket cost.
  • 24/7/365 availability, and immediate response.
  • The WelGard® team are experts – “we’ve seen a thing or two, so we know a thing or two”.
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5 Reasons To Choose Clatterbuck Home Inspections

When you’re getting ready to buy a new home, you want to be sure you’re making a smart investment. A house might look like your dream home, but there could be hidden issues. Hiring a qualified home inspector who gives exceptional well water testing services in Charlottesville, Warrenton, Fredericksburg, and Stafford, VA, is the only way to know for sure a home is in good condition. Here are five good reasons to choose Clatterbuck Home Inspections for well water testing services in Virginia:

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    Doug and John were great! They explained everything in details and I am confident in the results. Appreciate it! Highly recommend! 👍
    Karen Salamanca

    Karen Salamanca

    The experience was professional and timely. The inspector showed up early and got straight to work. He annotated any and all deficiencies small and la...
    Sierra Nagy

    Sierra Nagy

    Extremely thorough inspection! Very nice and personable. Answered questions we asked to help us make an informed decision.
    Karen Burman

    Karen Burman

    Proof of Excellence

    WelGard® offers Homeowner’s Peace of Mind

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