Home Inspector
John went into the military and then went into college. In college, he was a history major. He knew he didn’t want to teach, so he was in search of what his future would look like. His degree helped him to organize his thoughts in a manner that helped him share information, which helped him later as a firefighter and as a home inspector. After college, John was looking for something that was bigger than him in which he could feel full. The fire department clicked for him and gave him a sense of purpose. This is why he is still active in it. With a comfortable schedule, John wanted to do something more. But not just anything, he wanted to do something that was valuable.  John and Clatterbuck Home Inspections founder Greg Clatterbuck used to work for the same fire department. They knew each other, but this would be the first time working together. 
The other team member of Clatterbuck Home Inspections, Doug was John’s supervisor in the fire department. So, working together for them seemed natural.  John decided to go into the home inspection industry because he enjoys being outdoors and he enjoys being investigative. He likes the challenge that each home presents, and he likes being able to help people make smart investments on something so integral to one’s life, like a home.  His favorite part of being a home inspection is having a process. Being able to discover things and present to someone is extremely rewarding to him. He also enjoys expanding his people skills. He thrives on upholding the great reputation that Clatterbuck Home Inspections built over the years. 

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