How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost in Virginia?

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Many people looking to purchase a property in Charlottesville, Virginia inquire about the cost of a VA home inspection. It’s a common question that perplexes anyone who has never had a home inspection service performed before. The price is almost always significantly higher than you might expect.

This is especially true for individuals who desire a thorough house inspection that covers every detail. For instance, you’ll have to pay more if you want the inspector to also include the inspection of your pool, rural septic system, radon, or termites in the list.

What is Included in A Home Inspection?

A typical home inspection includes a thorough examination of the structure and all the components of the house. The inspector observes the structural elements, safety features, grounds, attics, basements, garages, HVAC, plumbing, insulation, and so on. Some houses also contain built-in appliances. In such cases, the functionality of those appliances is also checked during the inspection.

Average Home Inspection Cost VA

The average cost of a typical house inspection, according to Forbes, is $340. The cost of a home inspection is influenced by a number of factors. The VA home inspection cost can be as high as $500 and as low as $100 depending upon the size, location, number of services, and types of property.

What Determines Home Inspection Cost in VA?

If you believe that the house inspection cost is the same for every home, you are mistaken. A home inspection in Charlottesville, VA can cost more or less than the average price depending on a variety of factors. 


When it comes to determining the VA home inspection cost, the age of the house is an important issue to consider. Older properties usually require a more thorough home inspection, which can take a lot of time and work, as opposed to newer homes. Newly built homes have fewer concerns and require less effort. To thoroughly evaluate the condition of an old house, the inspector may employ a variety of new techniques and instruments.

Furthermore, extra tests, such as radon testing, may be required in an older home. Radon is a radioactive gas that accumulates inside the house over time. Because it takes time, it’s common to think that freshly constructed homes don’t have high quantities of radon gas. As a result, radon testing is not required for new homes.


Another aspect that can change the cost of a home inspection is the location of the property. Every home has a unique location. The quality of the soil and the environment around the house are very important factors. The condition of the local soil is a problem in some areas. Other regions have high humidity levels in the air, which can lead to dampness and a variety of other issues. These concerns with location are just a few to start with. There’s a lot more to consider when it comes to the VA house inspection cost. Some areas, for example, are considered more expensive than others. Hiring a house inspector in such an area would be much more expensive than you might think. 


The VA home inspection cost will also include any travel expenses that the house inspector may incur to reach your location. You should anticipate a higher home inspection cost VA if the inspector has to travel a considerable distance to reach your home. Whether the travel expenses are stated explicitly or not, the total bill will always include them. So, consider the expense of travel when selecting a house inspection Virginia.

Additional Services

Additional services like radon testing, sewer scopes, and termite inspections may be required in certain circumstances. For example, you may require a mold inspection in case of water leaks and other plumbing issues. In most cases, these services are not included in normal house inspection procedures. You will need to make a particular request if you desire these additional services. The VA house inspection cost will rise in case you request additional services. This is due to the fact that home inspectors employ a variety of methodologies and specialized equipment to provide these services.

Type of Property

The sort of property you own is also important. The inspection rates for residential properties differ from those for commercial properties. This is due to the fact that both types of inspections necessitate different abilities and equipment. What applies to a house inspection may not apply to a business structure.

Team Members

The number of people who together as a house inspection team might also affect the price. The cost of hiring ten people, for example, would be five times that of hiring a team of two home inspectors. The cost of the house inspection will increase as the number of team members increases.


The final factor you need to consider is the size of the property. There is always a difference in home inspection cost per square foot according to the size of the house. If the property is large, the cost will almost certainly be pretty high. The VA home inspection cost will be much lower for a tiny apartment and much higher for a large house.

Who Pays VA Home Inspection Cost?

Whoever orders the home inspection services pays its cost. Most of the time it is the buyer of the house who pays the fee for the home inspection Warrenton, VA of the house he likes. However, it is only true when the buyer orders the home inspection. There are other inspections like home maintenance inspection which is ordered and paid for by the homeowner himself. Moreover, before putting the house on the market, the sellers may hire and pay a home inspection agency to point out the hidden defects and flaws. It enables them to repair the damages before putting the house up for sale.

Are You Looking For Home Inspection Services in Virginia?

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